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Episode 0003 - Episode II: The Premier Vermiere


Welcome to the third (or second second) episode of The Brian Trust!

Your intrepid hosts, Brian & Brian, chat about movies based on books and cover the latest Brian-based news! They also chat with actor/comedian/entrepreneur Brian Vermiere about where the podcast is going (and debate about the target audience), the challenges and fun of "working clean", and how financial stability can enhance a creative career.

This show is brought to you in part by the Republican & Democratic parties... Nah, I'm totally kidding. They don't care about us.


Brians in the News: 

"Limitless" gets full season pickup

The Brian Jordan Foundation



Brian Vermiere - The Bri Guy

Kristina Hughes -

HoldOn Log, LLC - HoldOn LogPerformerTrack, & Industry Deal


Mentioned Links:

Winston Churchill's first book in his World War II series "The Gathering Storm" - Amazon

"Going blue" - best explanation courtesy of Stack Exchange


Interesting Things This Week:


WiFi Explorer for Mac by Adrian Granados

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Final Trailer on Youtube (seriously, don't watch... just LISTEN to it.)



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