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Episode 0005 - Hazard Pay


For the first time, Brian & Brian talk to someone brand new for both of them! Brian Hazard is a composer and musician who is working on his 9th full-length album (his 20th release in a 25-year career as a professional musician). The interview covers just what the heck EDM actually is, leading to a long discussion about the various channels for artists to build their audience.


John Hurt speaks out about radio drama

The Incomparable Radio Theater

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company


Brians in the News:

Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment moving from Universal

Brian Cox picks Carl Sagan

Air Force Generals Brian Kelly & Brian Killough promoted

Obit - Brian "Axl Rotten" Knighton



Brian Hazard -

@colortheory on Twitter

Brian Hazard's Bandcamp page

Wikipedia entry on EDM

"What You Said" music video on YouTube


Interesting Things:

Orange Juice (seriously, get into it if you're not already)


Bonus Extra at the end of the episode - "What You Said" by Brian Hazard - available as a free download



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