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Episode 0002 - Pobody's Nerfect


Welcome to the very, very second episode of The Brian Trust!

Your intrepid hosts, Brian & Brian, were crazy enough to keep going with this. They spend some time talking vacations, next year's presidential candidates and chatting with actor & all-around good egg Bryan McClure. They talk about deciding to move away from Los Angeles, religion in the industry and Bryan's upcoming projects, including his first lead role in a feature film!

This show is brought to you in part by the Force, which will be with us... always, because OMGDIDYOUSEETHATTRAILER?!!!



Brians in the News: 

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley & special ed reform in Michigan

Brian Panowich's new novel turning into a TV series

Human cannonball Brian Miser in Orlando - YouTube clip

List of officially filed candidates for President in 2016



Bryan McClure -

Space Command -

The Clinch Mountain Tracker - IMDb & Facebook

Bryan's episode of "Hawaii Five-0" on Netflix - Season 2, Episode 13


Mentioned Links:

American Airlines story

SparklyNicole on Twitter and her website

Bonnie Gillespie -

Bonnie's article on "The Web of Trust"

David H. Lawrence XVII - VO2GoGo

Mayim Bialik on how religion is treated in Hollywood - Hollywood Reporter



Interesting Things This Week:


Waze (awesome crowdsourced GPS app for iOS, Android & Windows Phone)

Overcast (terrific iOS podcast player)




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