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Episode 0004 - The Four Awakens


Welcome to the 4th episode of the show and our first for 2016! We're excited to be back on the air after a holiday hiatus and ready to talk about Star Wars! This is a major spoiler-filled episode, so if you choose to listen, fair warning.


Brians in the News:

Brian Fitzpatrick runs for Congress

Brian Urlacher has hair!!!

Brian Bedford obituary


Spolier Talk links (seriously, you've been warned)

Machete Order for viewing the movies (spoiler free)

Blue Season - Daisy Ridley's pre-SW film work (spoiler free)

Looper - Rian Johnson's awesome time travel movie - purchase on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon

Theory about Jar-Jar here  (seriously, don't bother)


Interesting Things This Week:

Phonesoap - For the loved one who has sterilized everything

Little Broken Robots - iOS game whose title pretty much speaks for itself




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