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Episode 0008 - Brian by Brianwest


Howdy all! Yep, It's time for another Hostamatic this time around. Our intrepid hosts catch up with each other and the news and spend the bulk of the time talking about South by Southwest.

ERRATA: Brian accidentally mixed up Andy Rooney w/ Mickey Rooney. Although they are both deceased, the management deeply regrets the error. Also, again, apologies to Gen. Yeager and his family for not remembering he was still alive.


Brian Moynihan (CEO, BofA) gets a pay raise

Brian Johnson out of AC/DC?!

Brian Morewitz promoted at ABC

Brian Blessed taking a deep dive


Original Muppet Show pitch on YouTube

Modern Bronze

Flash Gordon

Work Strengths

VR Coaster

Official Website of Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager (Again, our apologies)


AOC Portable Monitor

Futurama: Game of Drones



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