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Episode 0064 - Episode VIII - Episodic Excitement



It’s our (sorf-of) annual Spoilerific Star Wars Special! Brian Panks returns to the Trust as we talk all about “The Last Jedi”. We talk about various character arcs, the effect of the movie on the franchise and we speculate about we might see in Episode IX in a couple of years. Fair warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet.




You can hear our guest Brian Panks weekends on 93.9 FM KWSS. Visit their website for their schedule, streaming options and you can even donate (they’re a 501(c)3)! - The Last Jedi

Battlefront II - Last Jedi DLC (This is a prequel of sorts to the movie, although it won't make sense if you haven't played the game or watched all the cutscenes... those are here)

Slashfilm article:



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