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Episode 0113 - Twenty-N-N-N-N-Nineteen!


Welcome to 2019, all! On this week's first episode of the year, the guys talk about returning to work after a holiday and Brian talks about his plans for self-improvement in 2019 a bit. Both Brians also tout some of their past work that's now available as make a couple of recommendations of things to check out on YouTube. (Hey, it's the first show of the year! Cut us some slack...)


Mel Robbins' Mindset Reset for 2019 (it's FREE! as in beer)

Jamie Todd Rubin - The Joys of a Text-Based Reading List

"Vox Populi" on YouTube - a short film that Brian Selke worked on

"Linux for Beginners" - an audiobook narrated by Brian E. Smith

David H. Lawrence XVII's YouTube channel (challenge of making new videos every day for 2019!)

"Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice: A Royal Roleplaying Adventure" - pilot episode on YouTube



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